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You should be aware that some law firms charge $600 per hour for their legal work. Some of this money will be taken OUT OF YOUR SETTLEMENT. At injury.com.au we have carefully selected expert and specialised law firms, who charge a reasonable rate. All of the firms we deal with employ law society accredited personal injury specialists. You can save more than 30% on your final legal bill by dealing with us. That is a lot more money for you and your family.

We offer a unique free service to injured persons. Our company owner and director has worked as a solicitor for one of the largest injury law specialist firms in Australia. He has also worked for years as a supervisor in charge of settlement of injury claims for a variety of large insurance companies.

We understand injury claims from both the injured person and the insurer’s point of view. Our company only assists injured persons and their legal advisors. It is our goal to make sure that our injured client’s receive the MAXIMUM settlement possible, with the lowest legal bill.

We also assist legal firms and injured persons further by providing an investigation service. This can greatly assist in many cases when the insurer has denied complete or partial liability. We can also assist client’s and their solicitors by providing detailed reports which can result in larger settlements.

We also ensure that the firms we use agree to pay your disbursements, including costly medical reports, along the way. There are no upfront charges to use our services

If our clients would like a second or even third opinion on their legal rights then we can arrange this due to our extensive panel. We have assisted in many cases where an injured person has previously been advised by solicitors that they have no case, or that their case is of little value.

Most importantly, we are TOTALLY on your side. You will not find any other service which has gone to as much trouble to match you with the best value legal team. Don’t listen to any firm who says they can get a better settlement, or provide a more expert service before you try injury.com.au

If you have suffered an injury, then you may be entitled to compensation. We will arrange for a FREE review of your case.

We specialise in:

    Workers Compensation
    Work accidents
    Workcover claims
    Car accident or CTP claims
    TAC claims
    Motor Vehicle Accidents
    Motor Cycle Accidents
    Compensation claims
    Insurance Claims
    Slip and fall claims
    Public liability claims
    Medical Negligence claims
    Spinal injury claims
    Brain injury claims
    Back injury claims
    Major Claims
    Pedestrian Accidents
    Orthopaedic injuries
    Psychological trauma
    Stress Cases
    Compensation to Relatives
    Liability Claims
    Mesothelioma and Asbestos claims
    Repetitive Strain injury
    Mining Accidents
    Nursing Accidents
    Dust Diseases
    Rejected Claims
    Denied Claims
    Settlement advice
    Offers of Settlement
    Any type of injury claim