Motor Accident Claim

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Motor Accident Claims

Car accident claims lawyers
When you are hurt in a car accident it is very important to get legal advice early. In some states time limits apply to these claims within days or weeks of the accident. It is crucial that you get some help fast. We may even be able to help if you have left it too long to act so call us now!

Different laws apply in each state so it is important to have the right legal expert to give you advice on your legal rights. Our director has specialised in motor vehicle accident claims as a solicitor and as an insurance claims supervisor.

The amount of compensation you might receive can vary by thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need an experienced and specialised lawyer to help you find out what your claim is worth. At we deal with a specialised team of experts and law society accredited specialists who will help you deal with these difficult issues.

The firms we use are Australia’s leading experts in motor vehicle accident compensation.

You should be aware that the insurance companies employ massive panels of corporate law firms, investigators and doctors to try and defeat or reduce your compensation claim. Their only interest is keeping more of their money to themselves, and trying to reduce the value of your claim. You must have an expert team on your side or the chips are stacked against you.

At we aim to help you find the right firm. We have never sent a bill to any injured person and we never will. Our service is 100% free to you.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident then you may be entitled to compensation. The laws regarding motor vehicle accident compensation are different in every state. In some states there are no fault schemes, and in other states and territories, different schemes apply. You should contact us immediately for a FREE review of your entitlements. -

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