Personal Injury Claims

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Personal Injury Claims

Personal Injury Claims
We use a panel of expert and law society accredited specialist lawyers to help you with your case. If you have been injured while in a supermarket of if you have suffered due to negligence from a medical health professional then you need legal advice.
The laws are different in every state, so it is crucial that you have a proper legal expert on your side. You may have to deal with harsh time limits and difficult negotiations with an insurance company.

You should be aware that the insurance companies employ massive panels of corporate law firms, investigators and doctors to try and defeat or reduce your compensation claim. Their only interest is keeping more of their money to themselves, and trying to reduce the value of your claim. You must have an expert team on your side or the chips are stacked against you.

At we aim to help you find the right firm. We have never sent a bill to any injured person and we never will. Our service is 100% free to you.

At we can provide you with a FREE referral to a member of our legal panel regarding ANY type of injury claim. The laws in each state differ greatly depending on the circumtstances of your accident or injury

    Slip and fall claim
    Falling in a supermarket
    Medical negligence actions
    Compensation to relative claims
    Back injuries
    Brain injuries
    Serious injuries
    Injuries from an uncovered manhole
    Product liability
    An uncovered Telstra pit
    Faulty machinery or equipment
    Broken pavers or tiles
    Defective product
    Wet floor
    Spinal injuries
    Major/ Catastrophe Cases
    Settlement advice
    Offers of Settlement
    Occupiers liability
    Civil Liability Act claims